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Fix it Yourself

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  Here you can find some answers as well as technical advice for free. If you got some technical skills, I will likely be able to walk you through

  troubleshooting process of you broken Air Conditioning or Heating. Just start a new blog and ask your question.

  Use of Skype account on your mobile device will help or FaceTime on iPhones.


     Tools needed:


  You must possess and be familiar with:


      * multimeter/continuity/Ampmeter reader

      * 1/4" and 5/16" knot drivers

      * Phillips and flat screw drivers

      * wire strippers

      * wire knots and electrical tape.


   *  Don't forget about pair of gloves and eye protection, safety first!

Electrical Tape and Zip Ties needed.
You have to be able to use and read of amp, continuity and capacity measuring tool.
5/16" or 1/4" Knot Drivers needed. These are the most common screw sizes.
Phillips and flat screw drivers are needed to perform basic repairs.


Wire Knots.
Pair of pliers might become useful.

HVAC terminology and definitions:


  Here are some educational references on all common system components and parts:

      * Thermostat (indoor device attached to the wall or wireless and portable. Can be more or less complicated).

      * Condenser (outdoor appliance device located on your patio, balcony or roof. Usually loud, big and rusty with blades on top).

      * Furnace (appliance device located in your closet, garage, attic, ceiling, roof, outside closet or through the wall).

      * Evaporative coil (appliance device attached to your furnace or air handler, connected with Condenser by coper freon lines.

  Air Conditioning parts: Compressor, Condenser Fan motor, Capacitor, Contractor, TXV, Reversing Valve, Fuse.

  Furnace parts: Vent Pipe, Blower Motor, Gas Valve, Fan Control Board, Ignition Control, Glow Coil, Pilot Assembly.

  Ventilation components: Air Filter, Air Duct, Return Vent, Supply Vent, Grill.

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